WiFi and home networking

Big speeds from your internet provider are great. They allow multiple users to stream high quality movies, play games and browse the web all at the same time, but what happens when your router’s WiFi doesn’t reach the areas you need? 

Thick walls and ceilings, WiFi interference and even mirrored surfaces can affect your signal and leave your new Smart TV, gaming room or study areas with frustratingly slow connections or even none at all.

In short, WiFi reacts to the layout of your home and each home is unique.

Toby Oliver can help you find a home networking solution that fits your needs.

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Consider cabling….
Does your device actually need to be connected to WiFi? Devices such as TVs, PCs, computer game consoles, scanners, printers and more can be connected to your internet router via discreet cabling. This provides a stable internet connection and frees up your WiFi for devices such as mobile phones and tablets.